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Daxx & Roxane - Junk Food

Ollie Trevers - Chinese Chip shop

Justin Bieber-Alt metal cover *Drum Cover

David Cardona is a session drummer who has gained popularity through his talented drumming skill and passion for music. He is a versatile pop, rock and metal drummer and is very well equipped with MAPEX saturn drums and MEINL Cymbals. 

Leo and the Bear

Here is a mashup of tracks from Leo and The Bear when they came to create a live promo video at Westway Recording Studio.

Com Deus é Assim.  Carolina Costa

Carolina Costa is a gospel singer/song writer from Brazil that came to our studios to record a music video. Famous Brazilian drummer, Cleverson Silva, featured on her music among other talented musicians.

The Fontanas - Fuel To My Fire

The Fontanas are a british band with an incredible latin flavour. they put this amazing song together for you guys to dance and feel the breeze of Brazilian music and jazz put together. 

State of Mind feat. Erick Marques 

As musicians, having a portfolio that shows off your skills is very important. Therefore many musicians need a space to record their performance to make it available for other people to see.  Erick Marques is a Brazilian drummer who came to Westway Recording Studios to record and film his skills for his portfolio.

Mel Tuoma - Change

This amazing Australian artist, Mel Tuoma, has some contagious jazzy melodies that are suitable for any moment.  This track was engineered by Moises Zetina at Westway Records. 

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