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Recording can be simultaneous or overdubs, running up to 16ch at the same time. Up to 4 independent mixes can be provided for monitoring but more than 9 monitors can be provided ( not limited to this so if more than this is required it can be arranged upon request ) 

Full day ( 8hrs ) Live recording session £640  ( full band ) or £80p/h

Vocal Recording  £45 p/h

Guitar and Vocals £55 p/h


Guaranteed turn around within five days

Exported mix as a stereo wav file

Live interaction between us and you to define your sound

Three revisions

£180 per track


Westway Records is happy to provide space for music or photo shoots at flexible rates

If you require it we can provide our in-house photographer and videographer


SSL master and a mastered stereo wav

£50 per track

Session Booking

  • If clients would like more studio time please contact for more suitable prices.