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Production Suite 

From £240 a day of 8h

Studio B is  fully equipped production and Vocal recording suit that can suit any modern beat making , mixing or mastering and post production necessities.  

Equipped with the Apollo twin duo MkII, the studio futures top of the line D/A conversion and the acclaimed UAD plugins, including an amp room to record your guitars and vast collection of libraries and plugins such as waves, Sound toys and the NI Library. 


This studio is Designed to be a comfortable production environment  where you can dive into your music and explore the boundaries of creation to generate your best work.




  • Apollo Twin duo MkII 

  • Focusrite ISA One 

  • Golden Age Comp 3A 

  • Avantone CV12  Vocal Microphone 

  • Adam A77X 

  • Genelec 8010 

  • Novation Nektar Impact LX61 Midi Controller 

  • Vox AC15c1

  • Fender Champx2


Sound Toys library 

Melodine Assistant 

NI Komplete 11 Library 

Waves SSL Collection 

UAD legacy Plugins 

Arturia V collection 

Sincro arts Revoice Pro

Protools 11 

Studio one 4 Profesional 


Fender 2011 American Standard Stratocaster 

Fender 2009  Jaguar Special HH

D´Angelico Excel DC 2016 

Taylor 214ce 2012 

Epiphone Joe Pass II Seymour Duncan pickups 

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